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The first ever Healthy Family Challenge was held at Delisle Elementary School March 24, 2011.

All classrooms had a short visit in the afternoon by Paulette to encourage the children to bring their parents to the presentations offered in the gym that evening, in conjunction with parent teacher interviews. During these short afternoon visits, the children were asked what they wanted, for example, to be strong and athletic, to get good marks, to have lots of energy, and slim healthy bodies. A short discussion was then held about Power Foods, and how these could help them achieve their desires. Growing 'sunflower shoots' was a visual displayed to set an example of a fun, easy way to grow nutrient dense food on their kitchen counter.

The two one hour presentations open to parents, children, teachers, and the community were held at 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. All received a one page Healthy Family Challenge Checklist, handouts of strategies and nutrient dense recipes, and a wallet shopping card.

The whole food samples were a big hit. These included:
  • Hemp Nut Snacks
  • Garbanzo Nuts
  • Carmel Popcorn
  • Dried Kiwis
  • Savory Pepitas
  • Chickpea Spread
  • and nutrient dense crackers
Everyone had an opportunity to sample. Muesli and Thermos Cereal were visuals, along with natural sweeteners, goods fats, and more. Everyone learned that good healthy food, without sugar or refined flour was very tasty!

One parent's comments:
My kids told me they learned that 'healthy isn't yucky'. We've changed the kind of bread and yogurt we buy; we've bought a grill and are looking for a dehydrator to make those yummy dried kiwis. We took the kids shopping and they picked out fruits and veggies, had fun helping wash and cut them for storage, and now help themselves for after school snacks! We are all looking for homegrown, local, natural and organic foods now, and we plan to build a garden this year. Our minds have so expanded. The #1 thing I learned is to read the ingredients rather than the nutrition label.
Carey Rigby-Wilcox
Healthy Family Challenge March 24, 2011

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